Turnaround time for real estate is the SAME DAY. How is that possible? When other photographers are sending their images to someone overseas, Room by Room Photo, llc is working at a computer in New Jersey to get the job done.


Time on site is key to success. We will work together to study the scene. We may spend an hour in a room minutely adjusting a chair, pillow, or camera angle to get that perfect shot.

Off site, several days are spent personally editing the images. It is not just light, color, clarity and cohesion, it is an image that is used to reflect your marketing brand for years to come.


Over 30 years ago, the photography training started in the wedding department of a local photo lab while completing a BFA at The Collage of New Jersey.

Today, every image taken is personally  analyzed for light balance, color, clarity, and overall cohesion to the job. Are these images the best possible reflection of this property? Only after these are answered positively, are the images posted for the client to purchase.

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