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Due to current Covid 19 pandemic Room by Room Photo, llc. is issuing  the following requirements to be adhered to in order to secure safe business practices for any and all photo shoots involving Room by Room Photo, llc.  Photo shoots will not be scheduled until a signed copy of this document is returned.

  • All scheduled appointments for photo shoots involving interiors will be unoccupied dwellings.

  • Homeowners will be required to vacate the premises 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment time.

  • The photographer will be wearing a mask while photographing the interior of the property.

  • The property will be clean and fully prepared AHEAD of the appointed time using thisCLIENT CHECKLISTwith the understanding that the photographer will not be touching anything at the property.

  • The realtor, when on the interior of the property preparing for the shoot prior to and including the photographer’s arrival, will be PROPERLY WEARING A MASK.

  • The realtor will be present only to open the door and provide any special instructions regarding the photo shoot.

  • The realtor will be available for questions via phone/text during the photographer’s time at the listing.

  • If Room by Room Photo, llc. arrives at the listing  and cannot conduct the photo shoot because the attached CLIENT CHECKLIST, was not followed,  $75 fee will be invoiced to the realtor assigned to the property. Tip: Performing a 15 minute walk-through the day before is highly advisable.

  • If a photo shoot is cancelled by the realtor the day of the scheduled appointment, a $75 fee will be invoiced for that property.

Photo Rights and Usage: Room by Room Photo, LLC owns all copyright to the images, but offers the client a limited, non-exclusive, NON-TRANSFERABLE license for all delivered images for the period of time that the agent is legally contracted to the listing property. The client may use the delivered images, in any format, for the purposes of marketing this property, in accordance with all applicable laws. This license is NOT transferable to any third party. Any use of the images by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, other sellers, real estate agents or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer. Any violation of this agreement will result in termination of business.

for an electronic copy of this agreement to be signed by the realtor
 Room by Room Photo, llc.